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Pet Sitting Consultation - $10 for 30 minutes

Our pet sitting consultation is the first step in ensuring a tailored and attentive experience for both you and your pets. For just $10, we dedicate 30 minutes to thoroughly collecting all of the essential details about your pets and your home.

The consultation begins when we step into your home, where we will be able to cover the routine of your pet, locations of food, supplies, and property access. We ensure a comprehensive coverage of all aspects, including medical requirements and preferences, to understand your pet's specific needs and deliver a stress-free experience.

Additional Time? Just $5 for an extra 30 minutes

If more time is needed during the consultation, that is not a problem! We're happy to spend extra time getting to know your pets and addressing any additional concerns. For an extra 30 minutes beyond the scheduled time, there's a small $5 charge to ensure we cover all bases thoroughly.

Your pets deserve the best care. Our services ensure that your pets will be in a safe and stress-free environment, giving you peace of mind while you are away! We are happy to deliver high-quality, tailored services for your pet’s unique needs.

Our phone number is 832-290-7182, and our email is


Please contact us if you have any questions. Thank you!

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