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Overnight Visit

If you are planning a trip and are worried about leaving your companion alone at night, we will be more than happy to take that stress off your hands!

Services included:

  • Safest and most comfortable pet care experience
  • Multiple potty breaks 
  • Customized food routine adherence

  • Bowl cleaning and fresh water refills

  • Catering to specific pet needs

  • Litter box maintenance

  • Individualized attention and care

  • Quality playtime

  • Medication administration at no additional cost

  • Treat giving

  • Mail/package handling

  • Regular updates and pet photos

  • Plant watering

  • Backyard time (if needed)

  • Cleanup of spills, accidents, etc.

  • All trash taken out of home upon return

  • Home cleaning pre-return

  • Optional 25-minute midday visit for only $15 extra


12 hr visit


12 hr visit

(With a 25 Minute Midday Visit included)

(No Midday Visit included)

*Prices Start at $85, with potential reductions or variations based on factors such as the type of pet maintenance required, number of pets, distance, and more

*Please contact us for a free custom and accurate quote!

Our phone number is 832-290-7182, and our email is


We are more than happy to answer any questions you have!

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