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Services included in every visit

> Dog Walk or Pet Service:  

It's not just a walk. It's an adventure! You choose whether we stop for a pup cup or explore the local park for an extra dose of excitement. Your pets can also be taken along a specific route, or to a community dog area. This adventure will allow pets the chance to potty while you are away from home and also burn off lots of energy. For all other pets, we also provide a pet service dedicated to their specific needs.

> Backyard Time: If your furry friend enjoys yard time over walks, we're happy to cater to their preference by allowing them to explore, go potty, and enjoy playtime right in their own yard!


> Clean Water: Hydration is key! We'll make sure your pet has a fresh supply of water and a clean water bowl. If your pet drinks filtered water, we will make sure to provide them with their specific needs.

> Feeding: If your pet needs to be fed during this time, we'll make sure their bowl is cleaned and replenished with fresh food. We'll meticulously follow all provided feeding instructions, guaranteeing that your pet remains on their feeding schedule, receives proper nourishment, and stays cheerful. 

> Treats Given (If Requested): Because who doesn't love a tasty reward? Upon request, we will give your pets their favorite home treats. If your pet does not follow a specific diet or have any allergy concerns, we are happy to provide them a training treat from us!

> Litter Box Maintenance: For our feline, rodent, and furry friends, a clean space is a happy space. We ensure a clean and fresh environment for your pets by making sure their litter is properly cleaned and filled with fresh litter, if necessary.

> Medications: If medications are needed to be administered for your pet we will be sure to provide the care they need to keep them happy and healthy!

> Quality Time/Playtime: In every visit, we seamlessly blend a fulfilling dog walk with quality playtime for those energetic pups, ensuring tails wag with joy. If your pet prefers a more calm environment we are happy to spend time hanging out with them, giving them love and attention!

> Mail Taken Inside Home:  To enhance home security, we will bring in any packages/mail. We will also provide a photo of where they were placed inside, so that you are easily able to locate them when you arrive back home. 


> Updates: We will provide personalized updates after every visit with information on how the visit went, as well as photos taken of your pets during the visit. We will be available to contact if there are any concerns, questions, or even to check in your furry friend! 

*Please contact us for a free custom and accurate quote!

Our phone number is 832-290-7182, and our email is


We are more than happy to answer any questions you have!

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